Happy Holidogs - Because dogs deserve holidays too
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Happy Holidogs offers a really friendly and caring service for your family pet. We provide pet visits for any pet as well as dog walking, from a 20 minute comfort break for only £7.50 to a 45 minute walk for £10.
Home visits are perfect for cats  and other  small animals as well as great for puppies or older dogs that prefer to stay in familiar surroundings. We can do any number of visits to suit your pets requirements, if they need any medical care or special dietary needs this can be accommodated, as well as the usual feeding, cleaning litter trays, we will of course spend time playing and giving them love and attention. We can also water house and garden plants, open and close curtains, put the lights on and off and put the bins out for you. If you work unusual hours we can visit early mornings, evenings and weekends.
We can't take your place, but we can provide love, care 
and attention for your family pet.
We can walk your dog everyday when you are at work or just the occasional day if needed. You decide the amount of exercise your dog needs as here at Happy Holidogs we appreciate that all dogs are individual. You may want your dog walked alone or they may enjoy the company of other dogs. After their walk they will get a rub down to clean those muddy paws, we will leave them tired with fresh water and a treat.
"Since Carrie started walking our Beagles  2 years ago the service has been nothing short of brilliant, Albert and Letta look forward to their daily walk and we would be lost without her. We have absolutely no worries about the care our dogs receive or with the security of our property, which has always been left correctly locked and secure after each walk. In short, Happy Holidogs offers a reliable, trustworthy service that is second to none in the Grantham area and we would recommend them 100%"
James Britten
Never a dull moment at Happy Holidogs, but sometimes everyone needs a little nap.
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